The Muscle Car Coloring Book!

Here is a great way for Dads (and Granddads) to share their love of the fantastic cars of the Muscle Car era. Tired of watching children color Dinosaurs and Mickey Mouse? The Muscle Car Coloring Book will introduce your kids and grandkids to these cars in a fun and non-intrusive manor. And, it creates quality time with the little ones since it keeps you interested and motivated as well.

The Muscle Car Coloring Book contains 20 pages featuring all your favorite Muscle Cars, including:

The Muscle Car Coloring Book is $5.99. Since it is not a "bound book" you can immediately print it right from our site with no shipping or handling and no trips to the book store. And... you can print as many sets at the time of purchase at no extra charge. If you run out of pages, you can return 5 more times and reprint as many copies as you wish. Kids will have hours of enjoyment coloring something that is actually cool!